Majestic – with more than 15 years of experience in the field of supplying and distributing clean, nutritious food with international standard origin – wants to be a companion of our consumers in the attemp of building a nutritious and reasonable diet, thereby leading to a healthy life for consumers themselves, their families and the society.

In modern life, we all want to improve the quality of daily life but forget about the importance of choosing food for each meal, consumers are gradually turning towards food menus that contain lots of nutrients but at the same time be healthy and safe.

Realizing the increasing demand of consumers, Majestic was born to serve customers with the focus on health, but the price must be competitive for everyone to have access to the product. We are confident that with more than 15 years of experience in food distribution, Majestic can bring customers satisfaction.


Operating for more than 15 years


Products sold


Is the customer’s assessment



✔️Towards becoming a multidisciplinary company and a leader in the field of supplying and distributing dried agricultural products.

✔️Expand connection and increase the sustainable value chain of imported high quality dried agricultural products to meet the needs and protect the health of consumers.


“With the goal of growing together, all of our staff are always striving to improve their knowledge every day, learn and explore more, accumulate experience from all over the world, because we believe that a business wants to be successful, every individual in the business must complete his or her job well first.” 

~ Founder



“Doing things by Heart” is one of the cornerstones of a business. Leadership team and employees always work hard, dedicated to the benefit of customers, consider customer satisfaction as a measure of success.


Constantly striving to deserve a world-class enterprise, aiming to become a multi-disciplinary company and a leader in the field of supplying and distributing dry agricultural products.


Respect and enhance the mentality to think and to do; ready to make a breakthrough to make the difference of all the employees in the company. Give prominence to the spirit of learning and development, creating opportunities for members to maximize their capabilities.


Always complying with commitments in all transactions with partners and customers. Respect customers and solve problems in a professional and reputable manner. Participate in social activities to contribute to the community and the country.

“For me, choosing healthy food is extremely important, but to find an imported organic food supplier in Vietnam currently is few and Majestic is my choice. for shopping. The wide range of products, reasonable prices and customer service are the reasons why I will keep coming back to shop at Majestic. “

Ms. Linh – Loyal customer