Today, the use of food groups with high nutritional content, derived from nature. Has become an integral part for those who are always interested in health issues. Raisins, Chia Seeds and Mushroom Snacks are considered an indisputable perfect combo combination. So, why do these foods cost so much?

1. Raisins – The first high-nutrition food

Referring to raisins – dried foods are very popular in the consumer market. Although there are many dried fruits available on the market. But why is Raisins still considered an advantage product?

With extremely useful properties, this dried fruit can be used daily. High nutritional value and long storage. In addition, it is also used to replace other foods that contain many levels of sugar that are not healthy.

Raisins bring health benefits such as providing the body with vitamins A, B, antioxidants to protect the skin. Helps to replenish the eyes and prevent some diseases related to the heart, joints and kidney stones,…

Raisins - Foods with high nutritional content with health
Raisins – The first high-nutrition food


Chia seeds – also known as Salvia seeds, are a nutritious food for everyone. This nut contains on the inside a lot of nutrients. Often used by women to lose weight, beautify and supplement many essential substances for the body. So what kind of nutrients are in it?

This Salvia grain helps to minimize cholesterol levels. Provide vitamins such as B1, B3, help the body convert the nutrients contained in food into energy. Therefore, it is considered the first choice. For the need for weight loss and beauty, especially women.

On the other side, this mexican-sourced nut also has great uses. In addition to supporting weight loss, it also helps consumers avoid the risk of diabetes. Also helps detoxify the body and prevent diseases related to the intestinal tract, containing oxidizing substances. And especially good for the development of the fetus and pregnant women,…

20 ways to use chia seeds that bring the most benefits to users
Chia seeds

3. Mushroom Snack – Foods with high nutritional content in the end

Mushrooms are known to be the most nutritious food for human health. With pleasant properties, it is possible to prepare a variety of dishes, with a high nutritional content. And help prevent cancer and other diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, high blood pressure,…

Made from mushrooms with special technology, mushroom snack is not only a product that changes the taste for consumers. Used as a crispy snack with bold flavor and excellent use of mushrooms. And in particular, it is also a product that provides essential substances for the body.

In addition, this product is suitable for all ages. From children to the elderly can be used as an additional food, very convenient and usable anytime, anywhere.

Vitahouse Foods
Mushroom snack

Today, the use of dry foods derived from nature is tending to flourish. And the combination of the above nutritional value product group is considered the perfect “combo”. It contributes to bring optimal health benefits to consumers. So, be the one to stay on top of the trend and become a wise consumer!

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